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The Quote “Content is King” often used in the world of Digital Marketing. It is a combination of Services like SEO, SEM, SMO, and Content Marketing. Bill Gates used “Content is King” in his essay. This quote came into existence in the year 1996 on the Microsoft website. Ever since it has become part of every Digital Marketing Campaign & Marketers are still using this term. 

Is it really true?

Every day about 55 Million Blogs posted on its platforms.  Whether you write 1000 posts or just 20 posts do they all rank? what are the chances of getting traffic? they are very uncertain. We might get traffic but on the other hand, there is also possible that we won’t get the traffic as per our expectations. So the question is, should we stop writing Content? no! of course not, Content is always valuable but you should change your approach.

Google won’t love you for your quality content unless your Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing Strategies are not good.

The success of a Website depends on its quality content, but there are Several more important factors are down here :

  • First of all, you need a unique niche to which you can target to convert and get the desired result. 

  • You need Sound Design and appealing user interface.

  • Brand knowledge must be in depth, a brief Article/Blog consisting all the required information instead of a long article,  

  • Blog must go according to Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • You need word of mouth publicity as well as Online Promotion and Marketing Campaign.

  • The Article/Post must be engaging, i.e., well written by which customers tend to convert quickly.

  • Shareability of a piece of content is similarly essential; otherwise, it won’t reach to the maximum users.

  • Blog must not be confusing not only for the user but also for search engine otherwise it might create a problem in indexing

  • Consistency is the key, and Blog posts must be posted regularly, it would be more engaging with users and search engine crawler won’t treat you alive.

Conclusion: Content is king?

Often used term Content is King will always be an essential part of  Digital Marketing along with the other strategies like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, etc. unless alone copywriting won’t work at all. Nevertheless, quality Content works as a bridge between a Brand and its Customers. Content not only attract users but also plays an integral part in Brand Awareness and convert them as a Customer. 

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