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12 Benefits to Use Instagram for Business Growth Blog by Stagoenix

Every Marketer wants to gain benefits out of Instagram for their Business Growth.


Here is why?


It was a time when Billboards and televisions were some of the modes of advertisement, which was not and is much efficient for gaining the potential Customers (Becoming a purchaser of product and services). Because of the geographical limits, suppose if we display our advertisement in 10 billboards in 10 different areas. Visibility of boards will be limited, and out of 10, maybe people of 3 regions have different tastes or linking.

Now in the new era where Billions of people are using Social Media networks. It is playing a significant part in the game of Advertising and Marketing, which is helping your Brand growth. “Instagram for Business growth” is itself an excellent way to reach billions of users but to watch your competitors’ activities. 

Worldwide Instagram usage stats you should know

Before moving further, let’s have a look at the stats on the usage of Instagram around the world. Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media Platforms, even it stands top downloaded free apps on Apple’s App Store and similarly in Android’s Play Store.

Instagram has now over 1 Billion users worldwide, out of it 500 monthly active users. Top 120 million active users in the U.S and after that 88 million monthly active users are from India.

The ratio of the male-female users is 48:52 Globally, out of the 35% users are between 25 – 35 years old, which makes it the hottest platform among the marketers. and most important, 90% of the audience follows Brands, so I will recommend being on Instagram for Business Growth in the current Market. (Stats from )


1. Any Brand can use Instagram for Business Growth

Once you come up with your Brand and Business, you will find most of the Brands are on Instagram. It doesn’t matter how Small or Big your Business is, you may setup a Instagram account for free. 

Bill gates quoted – “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of the Business”.

When Brand use Instagram, it builds a relationship and engages with the audience. Business gets numerous following that Build Trust and Loyalty towards it’s Brands, so many users interact with Brands through DMs, Tags and in comment sections. Brands feature with the audience through Instagram Stories.

2. Even if your Business not on Instagram still you are on Instagram

Yes! You read it right, but you must be wondering how it could be possible? As you know that Instagram has a large number of users, out of them, some might be your customers. They have tagged your Business name anywhere in their account.

They could be an Individual or retailer, who could tag you in their outfit which belongs to your clothing store and they could post a picture of the item for further sale and tag you.

3. Sell Directly from Instagram earn earn with money online Business

Build your Brand trust and start earning online. Yes, you don’t need any store to showcase your product and services. You need an Instagram account to display your product and services, and you could deliver directly it to the user who buys it and receive money through wallets like PayPal, UPI Payments, etc.

Barter deals and collaboration is another way to earn money through the account, as all the popular Brands are on Instagram they approach with you when you have good numbers of following by this their product and services reach more users.

4.Your Customers expect your Social Presence

Around 75% of people use Social Media Platform in their daily life. Most of them are teenagers who enjoy using social media to connect with their friends and flaunt whatever they get. If they like some Brand, they search for it on social media to follow or to suggest their friends and family.

Your customer will try to find you with your Name or Hashtags. If it would be a big disappointment if they don’t see you, they could choose the product and services of your competitor in your absence. 

Instagram is a free platform. You should make an account for your Brand with your Name, address and contact details. Uncover your work through pictures, and it won’t hurt your customers seeing your profile Blank.

5. Geotag, Hashtag and Tag people to Target

Geotag, Hashtag, and Tag people are good options to target a group of people in your post, video and also in your Instagram stories.

You may use Geotag by tapping on the add location option and search your business or your city location. You may use a mix of small and big relevant hashtags to boost your Instagram post among the potential users. You could choose tag people in your picture by tapping on tag people or by mentioning them with @ to show your recent post.

6. Keep an eye on your competitors and excel

Watch your Competitors and use Instagram for Business growth accordingly. If they are growing, you can follow their strategy and implement it to your Business.

You can watch their Posts and Hashtags they are using to excel in the marketing field how they are engaging with their audience or customers. Keep an eye on the whole activities and implement them according to your strategy.

7. Present your Brand's Products and Services for free

Instagram is a free platform with many options which helps you to create a separate professional account which effectively presents your business. That could be useful for you to gain customers.

Make a hassle-free professional account where you could Post astonishing pictures and videos to display your product and services better.

You could post a story in which you may drive information not only among the existing following but the random users who search for a business like you. 

8. Enable Instagram Product Tagging for your Business

You could enable Instagram Product Tagging for your Business. It is an exceptional way to list your product like people do with Etsy, Shopify or any ecommerce website.

Yes, you could enable product tagging, by which you could showcase your product from different size, angles the price tag and other information to make your post more attractive with the help of Facebook business manager.  

This way, you could enhance your productivity to gain more and gain more customers engagement with Instagram for your Business.

9. Verified Business develop trust and authenticity

Business on Instagram with the Verified Badge, build trust among the audience and gain more attention from your following.

A verified account with the blue tick represents trust, worthiness and transparency. Though it is not easy to get verified, you may achieve it by connecting your Profile with a trusted Facebook page and a lot of engagement on Instagram with your online audience. You may apply for your Business verification from Instagram. Once you are verified, you will eventually build goodwill and higher chances to turn out your potential audience into customers.  

10. Giveaways a better alternative of advertisements

12 Benefits to Use Instagram for Business Growth Blog by Stagoenix

The giveaway contest is a token of love and cares towards its loyal customers. Whenever any Brand achieves something great you wish for, gifting something to your audience is a better option than spending a lot of money on advertisement.

Every business uses a different strategy for its giveaway. Mainly Brands held a contest on achieving a target and achieving a number of followers on Instagram Handle. 

11. Instagram Ads to achieve Marketing goals and boost visibility

Instagram provides ads facility to increase post visibility, and one may optimize their ads with the help of Insights of every post.

Instagram Insights shows the number of impressions, number of clicks, number of people followed you through a particular post. You could choose your post accordingly, and by clicking on boost post, you may create a catchy advertisement to gain more visibility and also you may decide the age group and area of audience you want to target. 

12. Instagram Handle Helps in drive traffic.

Once your Brand gains trust and build an online reputation on a particular Instagram, then you may divert them to other business handles or even on Facebook and from both platforms to your website and ultimately to your business.

This marketing strategy could help in achieving a marketers goal which is a conversion (sell). 

Table of Content

1. Any Brand can use Instagram for Business Growth.
2. Even if your Business not on Instagram still you are on Instagram.
3. Sell Directly from Instagram earn earn with money online Business.
4. Your customers expect your Social Presence.
5. Geotag, Hashtag and Tag people to Target.
6. Keep an eye on your competitors and excel.
7. Present your Brand’s Products and Services for free.
8. Enable Instagram Product Tagging for your Business.
9. Verified Business develop trust and authenticity.
10. Giveaways a better alternative of advertisements.
11. Instagram Ads to achieve Marketing goals and boost visibility.
12. Instagram Handle Helps in drive traffic.

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